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Avocado Catnip Ball - Dried Catnip Wall Ball Toy For Cats

Avocado Catnip Ball - Dried Catnip Wall Ball Toy For Cats

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    why you need one now!

    a cat licking an avocado-shaped catnip stucked to a wall

    Keep your cat entertained

    Keep your cat entertained with this catnip ball, mentally engaged, and physically active with an interactive toy designed to satisfy their natural instincts.

    Stress Relief

    Watch as your cat's stress melts away as they engage with the toy, the dried catnip helps to reduce anxiety and enhance their quality of life.

    Protects Furniture

    Redirect your cat's scratching and play behavior away from your furniture, protecting your belongings while giving your feline friend an appropriate outlet.

    Easy Installation

    Set up is a breeze with clear instructions and included mounting hardware, allowing you to create an exciting play space for your cat in no time.

    Catnip Ball

    Very Easy to install ✅

    You won't need any special tools – just follow the simple process. Get your cat licking toy ready in seconds, saving you time and hassle.

    Best Cat Licking Toy

    Satisfied cat 😻

    Infused with premium dried catnip, our cat licking toy captivates your cat's senses and keeps them coming back for more.

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